Enlightening cybersecurity

Arizona State University has pioneered a new paradigm in cybersecurity education: extremely practical, conveyed through hands-on challenges, and inherently scalable.

In collaboration with our academic, industry, and government partners, the American Cybersecurity Education (ACE) Institute was created to push this new style of education to the next level. Manifested in pwn.college, we strive to contribute to open projects and platforms, but this is just the beginning. pwn.college has been steadily making its way into educational institutions around the country and beyond, with over a dozen universities world-wide now using the platform to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity education to their students.


ACE hosts events to spread awareness of, enthusiasm for, and knowledge in cybersecurity. These workshops are attended by top cybersecurity practitioners in Academia, Industry, and Government along with interested students and educators from the communities that ACE serves. If you would like to be notified when concrete information is available, please contact the Center for Cybersecurity at ASU.

Learners from around the nation use educational material provided by ACE to learn cybersecurity, but there is still a gap between the successful completion of an educational curriculum and being able to apply learned concepts in practice to novel challenges. To bridge this gap, ACE has partnered with top cybersecurity competition clubs to facilitate direct mentorship of successful learners by actual enthusiast practitioners.

ACE runs high school research internships through its partner institutions. The high school internship at the Center of Cybersecurity and Trusted Foundations at Arizona State University is our exemplar program.

ACE exposes passionate college students to academic cybersecurity research through our partner institutions’ internship programs. The CTF Apprenticeship is an exemplary college internship program.

ACE supports faculty exchange programs for faculty who are interested in developing their skills in educating students in practical cybersecurity. Interested faculty can arrange medium-term visits to some ACE partners to observe the ACE teaching and learning process firsthand.

ACE works with academic research labs around the world to further the state of cybersecurity education and cybersecurity itself.

Many brilliant students, with extensive, hands-on cybersecurity practice, graduate from ACE curricula every semester. If you are an organization looking to hire the best cybersecurity professionals, contact us to get in touch with them!


students using laptops

Partners and leadership

ACE is made possible through partnerships with other institutions and organizations.


ACE generates open source software, scientific articles, and curriculum.


Secondary education students

ACE supports middle school and high school outreach through our education material, coding workshops, educational symposia, and research internships.


ACE facilitates connections between undergraduate students interested in cybersecurity and the worldwide enthusiast and professional cybersecurity communities through affiliated hacking clubs and research internships for college students.


ACE maintains a graduate-level applied cybersecurity curriculum, approachable by students looking to hone their skills, retrain from a different career path, or carry out research in Cybersecurity.


ACE strives to set students on a successful, fulfilling career path with cybersecurity organizations around the nation.