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Cybersecurity and Trusted Foundations

From data breaches to ransomware groups shutting down national pipelines, there are near-daily headlines about cybersecurity attacks.

To help address the long-term cybersecurity challenges facing the nation and the world, the Center for Cybersecurity and Trusted Foundations (CTF) aims to keep infrastructures, users, and their data safe.

CTF does this by closely coupling the center’s large-scale research portfolio with novel, hands-on education opportunities for a pipeline of learners at varying levels of experience, alongside efforts to ensure new cybersecurity techniques are able to transition from the lab into use.

As a hub of cybersecurity research and education efforts, the center brings together faculty, students, sponsors, and industry partners to identify and address challenges.



Binary exploitation

Machine learning


Web/mobile security

Dark web market behaviors

Workforce development

Cyber education

Competitive hacking



The center takes a hands-on approach to education, which includes encouraging students to participate in capture-the-flag competitions, hosting internship and apprenticeship opportunities, and collaborating with those already in the field through workshops to upskill their abilities.


CTF researchers are developing the next generation of cyber reasoning systems that can automatically find vulnerabilities, synthesize exploits and create patches of real-world software.


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